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Email: vnm [at] verlag-neue-musik.de


    The Synthesis of Diverse Musical Strands (University of Leeds, 2018)
    Essay 2006: On my work, on teaching, on New Complexity, on Minimalism
    James Clarke: Text for Donaueschingen 2003
    James Clarke: Fog in the Channel. Continent cut off. (1996)

Articles, Interviews

Articles by Arnold Whittall have been published in his book British Music
after Britten
(2020), The Routledge Research Companion to Modernism in Music,
ed. Björn Heile and Charles Wilson, and in The Musical Times and Tempo.
Articles by Paul Conway appeared in Tempo in April 2011, Oct. 2011 and Oct. 2013.
A one-hour profile programme by Carolin Naujocks was broadcast by Deutschlandfunk
in 2012 and is available from this website, as are other articles and interviews
by Anton Rovner, Harri Suilamo, Zümrüd Dadaşzadə and others.
See also reviews by Michael Billington, Guy Dammann, Paul Driver, Paul Griffiths,
Max Nyffeler, Igor Toronyi-Lalic and others on this page:
Some earlier articles are collected here:
    Collaboration with Harold Pinter, Voices - The Independent, 2005
    New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians - Christopher Fox, 2003
    James Clarke - by Mieko Kanno
    Isolation - Article by Mieko Kanno - Tempo Jan. 2001
    Article by Andrew Kurowski (2000)
    Moscow, Ekaterinburg (2001): Arditti Quartet (in Russian)
    Kammersymphonie in Stockholm (2001) (in Swedish)
Viitasaari 2000 (articles in Finnish and Swedish):
    Article by H.I.Lampila (Helsingin Sanomat)
    Article by Pekka Tarkka (Helsingin Sanomat)
    Article by Jarkko Laine (Helsingin Sanomat)
    Interview with Mikael Kosk (Hufvudstatsbladet)

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